• Architectural Design: The development of an architectural study aims at covering the human needs of efficiency and expression in a space. Depending on the physiognomy of each project, the processing and presentation of the central idea are illustrated with diagrams, three-dimensional images, photorealistic illustrations and cover a wide range of design, from the traditional and classic house to minimal and modern tendencies.
  • Static Study: The creation of a static and anti-seismic study of a building, or a technical project in general, is a process that requires knowledge, experience and accuracy. As Worth has many years of experience in this area of expertise, undertakes with responsibility and precision the elaboration of static studies, according to the current regulations (NBR, GAR, GACR, Intervention Regulation).
  • E / M Design: WORTH implements electromechanical installments and undertakes responsibly and certified the installment and maintenance of heating installations, burners, boilers and steam boilers, air conditioning, production and co-production of automated power plants, automotive networks of fluid and gas, gas technical management with conventional or new technology. The combination of its many years of presence in the field, its experienced staff, efficient service, long-term collaboration with the most reliable suppliers in the industry, as well as the most competitive market prices, make WORTH the ultimate choice for any constructional need of your facilities.

Our many years of expertise in the construction field, our innovative architectural design, the aesthetic and functional adequacy of the final result and the high quality of construction gain our customers trust in designing their next home.

We conduct architectural, mechanical and structural studies based on every client’s needs and we present a costed proposal and a time schedule for construction. Our team of architects can issue a building permit and, in collaboration with our wider team of mechanics, can proceed to the construction, supervision, completion and delivery of the project with extra care for detail.

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The aesthetics, the functionality, the requirements of the customer are a necessary condition for the design. We renovate buildings that are traditional, modern, in a classic or modern line, always respecting man, the bioclimatic principles, and the adaptation to the landscape.

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WORTH LTD has extensive experience in technical healthcare projects such as Surgeries, Intensive Care Units, Enhanced Therapy Units, Nursing Areas, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Angiographic Systems, Coronary Arthropod Systems, Linear Accelerators.

Either you need to renovate an existing facility or design and build a brand new building, Worth offers innovative, high-quality solutions that meet the needs of patients, even the most demanding and economical needs of its customers.

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WORTH, is one of the first companies in Greece that is specialized in radiation protection and shielding of radiology laboratories. In addition to the shielding of spaces, it undertakes the construction and supply: radiation protection doors, HPL/ CORIAN construction projects and stainless-steel hospital-type constructions as well. Therefore, the company can undertake simple but also complex projects that need and require specialization, know-how, experience and professionalism.

  • X-Ray doors
  • Special stainless-steel constructions of hospital type.
  • Special hospital-type constructions from HPL / CORIAN.
  • Radiation protection in X-Ray diagnostic facility.
  • Coating/ shielding of operational rooms and other special spaces.

Worth provides an integrated network of maintenance services for strong and weak currents, plumbing networks and air condition systems.

Worth is one of the leading companies in the field of structured wiring and electrical installations. As our multi-year experience is testified, we are ready to carry out large-scale and complex projects.

The elements that distinguish us are:

• Well-trained and capable staff, with constant briefing on new technological developments.
• Excellent knowledge of the market, in order for us to be able to always meet the needs of our customer.
• Many years of experience and know-how.
• Utilization of the most modern working methods for the fulfillment of a project.
• Collaboration for material supplies with the most acknowledged companies in the field, which have been established their positions by producing quality products.
• Efficiency and quality guarantee owing to the modern means we utilize.
• Speed, confidence and professionalism.
• We also undertake projects and orders beyond Athens.


Our company undertakes:

  1. Built-in Wiring
  2. Electrical Installations
  3. Optical Fibers
  4. Measurement - Certification

TRESPA antimicrobial coating system


The three product lines TopLab®, TopLab®PLUS, TopLab®VERTICAL and TopLab®BASE, have been developed especially for the most demanding functional and scientific applications and combine basic requirements such as high durability and long-term hygiene with an attractive and timeless X-inspired palette.



The needs of modern laboratories and research or training centers require materials in accordance with international quality codes and standards. That's why Worth constructions, a pioneer in laboratory materials, presents the TRESPA®® TOPLAB® series®.

The TRESPA® TOPLAB® series® series includes 3 products that meet the highest requirements while offering an impressive and timeless variety of colors. All 3 products consist of HPL (high pressure compact laminate) with wood fibers and thermoformed resins.



Antibacterial surface with high chemical resistance index.

TRESPA® TOPLAB® PLUS panels are easy to clean, have high resistance to a large number of aggressive chemicals and have inherent antibacterial properties. Thus, it is no coincidence that they are the first choice in environments where hygiene, avoidance of infections and safety play the first role. TRESPA® TOPLAB® PLUS panels are widely used in a wide variety of laboratory environments around the world, including chemical, physical and microbiological laboratories.



TRESPA® TOPLAB® VERTICAL panels are ideal for environments where bacteria and dirt are a real threat. The material combines chemically resistant and antibacterial surfaces and is ideal for storage areas and laboratory hoods. Made with advanced technology, it has a smooth surface with very low accumulation of pollutants, which makes it easy to clean. Also available in version with fire resistance.



The panels have been treated in such a way that the dust does not settle easily. At the same time, the panels can be easily cleaned and maintained.

TRESPA TOPLAB panels provide the possibility of designing any construction as they are available in many colors, thicknesses and sizes. They have a homogeneous core and their processing is similar to other wood panels.

TRESPA TOPLAB due to their exceptional properties, can and do offer a 10-year warranty.

All TRESPA TOPLAB series products have been tested and certified according to international standards in terms of chemical resistance, antibacterial properties, food contact and disinfection. Trespa International is also a member of SEFA (Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association), EGNATON (European Association for Sustainable Laboratory Technologies) and VIP 3000.

TRESPA®, the world leader in HPL panels, of course has all the required certifications. Specifically, the company has the following certificates:
• ISO 9001-2008
• ISO 14001-2004
• PEFC CoC Certificate
• FSC CoC Certificate

ACROVYN antimicrobial coating system

The bactericidal adhesive sheet Acrovyn Bactericide of CS-France, effectively kills 100% of bacteria and is the ideal solution for areas where there are high hygiene requirements (surgeries, examination rooms, private clinics, drug and food processing areas and generally all areas CLEAN ROOMS requirements).

ACROVYN BACTERICIDE is offered in adhesive sheets for masonry and doors, as well as in handrails (MCE 40/45), fully meeting all required European and international quality standards (ISO 22196 and EN 1040) for Clean Rooms construction requirements.

Bactericide products complement in the best way the rich range of Acrovyn masonry protectors that are pioneers in the international and Greek market for the last 30 years. Acrovyn products are available in a variety of cross-sections and coatings (bumpers, handrails, angle caps and wall guards).