The bactericidal adhesive sheet Acrovyn Bactericide of CS-France, effectively kills 100% of bacteria and is the ideal solution for areas where there are high hygiene requirements (surgeries, examination rooms, private clinics, drug and food processing areas and generally all areas CLEAN ROOMS requirements).
ACROVYN BACTERICIDE is offered in adhesive sheets for masonry and doors, as well as in handrails (MCE 40/45), fully meeting all required European and international quality standards (ISO 22196 and EN 1040) for Clean Rooms construction requirements.
Bactericide products complement in the best way the rich range of Acrovyn masonry protectors that are pioneers in the international and Greek market for the last 30 years. Acrovyn products are available in a variety of cross-sections and coatings (bumpers, handrails, angle caps and wall guards).

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