• Architectural Design: The development of an architectural study aims at covering the human needsof efficiency and expression in a space. Depending on the physiognomy of each project, the processing and presentation of the central idea are illustrated with diagrams, three-dimensional images, photorealistic illustrations and cover a wide range of design, from the traditional and classic house to minimal and modern tendencies.
  • Static Study: The creation of a static and anti-seismic study of a building, or a technical project in general, is a process that requires knowledge, experience and accuracy. As Worth has many years of experience in this area of expertise, undertakes with responsibility and precision the elaboration of static studies, according to the current regulations (NBR, GAR, GACR, Intervention Regulation).
  • E / M Design: WORTHimplements electromechanical installments and undertakes responsibly and certified the installment and maintenance of heating installations, burners, boilers and steam boilers, air conditioning, production and co-production of automated power plants, automotive networks of fluid and gas, gas technical management with conventional or new technology. The combination ofits many years of presence in the field, its experienced staff, efficient service, long-term collaboration with the most reliable suppliers in the industry, as well as the most competitive market prices, make WORTH the ultimate choice for any constructional need of your facilities.